Barbarian Poems
André Romão
Kunsthalle Lissabon
ATLAS Projectos
18 x 11 cm
64 pages
200 copies
Lisbon, Portugal
n.a. ; 978-989-97141-4-4
Cover printed in colour; text printed blac and white on paper munken print 120g.
Kunsthalle Lissabon continues its publishing activity by launching “Barbarian Poems”, an artist book collecting a set of poems written during 2011 by Lisbon-based artist André Romão. The title immediately suggests some of the conflict existing within the texts, which depart from the literary reference to the Barbarian, the one who doesn't speak Greek, and continue the artist's research on topics such as the history of violence or the dissolution of language and verbal communication.
Bilingual edition, Portuguese and English.

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Bruno Lopes photographed the book.
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