Fernando Pessoa e a Literatura dos E.U.A. no Século XIX
Margarida Vale de Gato
Printed in letterpress by Manuel Diogo, Manuel Leitão and Luís Henriques.
Oficina do Cego
dimentions variable, the folder measures 31X23,5 cm
folder + 4 non numbered leafs
300 copies numbered
Lisbon, Portugal
Printed in letterpress and offset. Loose leafs in a cardboard folder.
Margarida Vale de Gato holds a PHD in North-American Literature and Culture. She studied and translated to Portuguese the work of Edgar Allen Poe. This edition contains a facsimile, printed in offset, of a rough draft made by Fernando Pessoa while translating the poem “The Crow” by Edgar Allan Poe.
The original of this draft and other documents are kept at the National Library.
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