Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro
Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro
21 x 118,4 cm (concertina)
8 pages
100 copies signed and numbered
Lisbon, Portugal
Printed in cardboard Olin regular natural white 200grs. Colour.
“Londres” departs from a series of photographs made in 3 days in London during long walks. The result is a book in accordion shape, this shape brings the idea of journey. With a selection of photographs which emphasizes the idea of migratory fluxes, where the unexpected and the transitory provoke sensations of insecurity. Questioning about which alternatives or life perspectives can one hope, or which are the possibilities of construction of a new identity facing the loss of past references.
The book is contained/protected in an envelope that serves as a second cover.

(Text provided by Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro to Tipo.PT)
Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal
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2013-07-29 00:52:53