Alguns Apontamentos
Tiago Baptista
Design by Sílvia Prudêncio
Tiago Baptista
26X18,5 cm
10,24X7,28 in
16 pages
Alguns Apontamentos was sold as part of the Fanzine Cleópatra #6, out in April 2012.
Lisbon, Portugal
Laser print, one colour (black); stapled.
Alguns apontamentos was produced for the exhibition “O que fazer com isto”, held at 3+1 Gallery in Lisbon, in April/May 2012. The title hints that this a collection of a great diversity of texts, images, authors and references, such as Biblical verses, the lyrics of “Ashes to Ashes” by David Bowie, or a fragment of an essay by the Portuguese scholar Tomás Maia. The selection of the images is equally heterogeneous; for example two photos by Gabriel Orozco entitled “My Hands Are My Heart” are juxtaposed to naturalistic paintings from 1887, by António Ramalho.
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