Isilda ou a Mudez
dos Códigos de Barras
Manuel de Freitas
Luís Henriques and Manuel Diogo are authors of the typesetting and the typographers who printed Isilda.
Oficina do Cego
14X10,5 cm
5,51X4,13 in.
32 pages
250 copies
Second edition of Isilda ou a Nudez dos Códigos de Barras, first published by Black Sun in 2001
Lisbon, Portugal
Printed in letterpress, one colour (black). Stapled. All the copies are numbered and signed by the author and the typographers and marked with Oficina do Cego’s rubber stamp.
Isilda ou a mudez dos códigos de barras, poems by Manuel de Freitas. Luís Henriques and Manuel Diogo manufactured all the copies. The compositions of the typesetting are made with decorative elements, and punctuation and accentuation marks.
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