Flesh / Bones
Didier Fiúza Faustino
CCA Kitakyushu
21,5X15,5 cm
8,27X5,91 in.
96 pages
From de totality of copies, 30 are numbered and signed by the artist.
Kitakyushu, Japan.
n.a. ; 978-4-901387-43-9
offset, colour. Paper jacket, hardcover lined in fabric with a drawing engraved in black. Booklets sewed and glued the spine.
Flesh / Bones contains photos of fragments of a body (it is not clear if it is a male or female body) in a closed space. Although not explicit, the photos have a strong sexual connotation. The bodies seem to interact with an object, which is white in the B/W photos and black in the photos in colour.
The drawing engraved in the cover seems to represent the object used in the photos.
Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.

Kandinsky Library, Paris, France.

Rijksakademie Vanbbeeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

MACBA, Barcelona, Spain.
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2013-04-30 14:22:00