Rapture // the written
word issue
Ana Galvão Ferreira
green & orange
closed 17x25cm / poster open – 32x50cm
poster + 7 postcards + booklet
20 copies signed and numbered
Printed in letterpress, silkscreen, nylon print and linoleum. Manufactured by the author. Booklet sewed.
RAPTURE is an independent publication. It contains all the little things that moves us, sublime moments. RAPTURE honours the pleasure of the written word. The theme is explored through a poster with a quote about the love for reading, by Jorge Luís Borges. The postcards are a visual experimentation representing 7 books with a special meaning for Ana Galvão Ferreira. The first sentence of each book is printed in the back of the postcard. The booklet contains original essays about literature and reading.

( Translation of the text provided by Ana Galvão Ferreira to TIPO.PT)
date time
2013-04-30 19:27:21