A História da Minha Flor

  • Title: A História da Minha Flor
  • Author: Lourdes Castro
  • Publisher: Documenta
  • Dimensions: 31x20,6cm
  • Number of Pages: 48 non numbered pages + jacket +case
  • Edition: 150 copies signed by the author. Two smaller editions (18,7x15,5cm and 23,2x15,5cm) were published at the same time but there is no information on the number of copies.
  • Publishing Date: 2012(December)
  • Place: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: 352778/12 ; 978-989-8618-32-0
  • Media: Offset, colour. Cover lined.
  • Synopsis: This edition is a facsimile of a notebook from 1957. The pages contain drawings and words painted with colored pencils. Lourdes Castro alludes and transcribes poems by famous poets as Bernardim Ribeiro, Goethe and García Lorca. The pages are illustrations or colored manuscripted words.
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