a minha casa é onde estásmy home is where you are

  • Title: a minha casa é onde estásmy home is where you are
  • Author: Filipe Casaca
  • Collaborations: Design: Ana Fatia
  • Publisher: Filipe Casaca
  • Dimensions: 24x31cm
  • Number of Pages: 40p.
  • Edition: 300 signed copies
  • Publishing Date: 2011(June)
  • Place: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a. ; 978-989-97149-0-8
  • Media: Clothbound Hardcover and Silver Stamping
  • Synopsis: for Teresa a minha casa é onde estás (my home is where you are) reflects about intimacy as a theme. It is a broad portrait with a domestic atmosphere about my wife Teresa and our private life at home. These images are a performance of Teresa by my mind’s eye. Her body has always been very important to me, the way she moves and the movements that she might not even be aware of. Nothing is forced or contrived, but there are unconscious, natural poses… That doesn’t mean they’re the result of habit, but her body itself is aware and reacts naturally. The presence of my body is necessarily and obviously purposeful in many of the images. It is evident both in the immediate presence of it, and also more subjectively in a presence inherent to the point of view of the images. My body touching Teresa’s body, and it is in this touching that matter and texture are brought to our attention, to the density we feel in the touch of skin on skin. (Text provided by Filipe Casaca to Tipo.PT)
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  • Notes and Collections: Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMoPA); Kiyosato, Japan Booklet Press; Tokyo, Japan Indie Photobook Library; Washington, USA The Library Project - Photo Ireland; Dublin, Ireland Photobook Show; Brighton, UK Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Library; Lisbon, Portugal Serralves Library; Oporto, Portugal
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