Are e Sine

  • Title: Are e Sine
  • Author: Ema Gaspar
  • Publisher: Ema Gaspar
    Isabel Baraona
  • Dimensions: booklet: closed - 19X27 cm ; open - 59X27 cm poster: closed 29X42 cm ; open - 58X42 cm
  • Number of Pages: n.a.
  • Edition: 100 copies
  • Publishing Date: 2017(December)
  • Place: Lisbon
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: offset print on IOR paper
  • Synopsis: A long time ago, various entities in the form os masks called Sine appeared in different places on earth. Nowadays, these masks govern and control the social and political life of the city (which is in the sky) implementing rules and seeking to expand their territory. One of the humans, Are, is in charge of the mission to discover and bring to the city one of the Sine who are still on earth. Two girls try to help her and show her a map with the location of the mask she is looking for. (Text by Ema Gaspar)
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