• Title: D’Ombres
  • Author: Lourdes Castro
  • Collaborations: Silkscreen printed by Paul Verreet.
  • Publisher: Guy Schraenen
  • Dimensions: 30X20 cm 11,81X7,87 in.
  • Number of Pages: 48 pages + tag with the numbers of the copy.
  • Edition: 1 copy off-market labelled A, which contains the maquette; 3 copies off-market labelled B, C, D reserved for the collaborators; 20 copies containing a silkscreen signed and numbered from 1 to 20; 250 copies numbered from 21 to 270. All copies are numbered and signed by Lourdes Castro and Guy Schraenen.
  • Publishing Date: 1974 (10 June)
  • Place: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Cover and back cover in acetate and grey cardboard; pages bind with plastic bar. Silkscreen printed in several colours on different qualities of paper, as for example, tracing paper and coloured cardboards. The number of each copy is stamped in a separate tag pasted in the last page of the book. All copies are numbered and signed by the author and the editor.
  • Synopsis: A quote in the last page of the edition clarifies that D’Ombres was produced inspired by a few photos from Théâtre d’ombres an installation-performance by Lourdes Castro; the photos were taken Paris, Antwerp and Amesterdam. Amid the pages with female silhouettes three sentences or fragments of a text in french: “les plantes de l’ombre, s’asseoir sur l’ombre d’une chaise, du pic-nic à l’ombre et après”. ( plants in the shade, sit on the shadow of a chair, a picnic in the shade and after)
  • Notes and Collections: The book is available at: - Belgian Royal Library (KBR), Brussels, Belgium. - Kandinsky Library and the French National Library, Paris, France.
  • Bibliography and Links:

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