André Catarino: GHOST TOWN

  • Title: André Catarino: GHOST TOWN
  • Author: André Catarino
  • Collaborations: Text by Tiago Rosa
  • Publisher: André Catarino
  • Dimensions: 20x13 cm
  • Number of Pages: 18 pages
  • Edition: 143 copies
  • Publishing Date: 2013(14 June)
  • Place: Berlin, Germany
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Laser print 1 colour (black), stapled. Cover in tracing paper.
  • Synopsis: André Catarino: GHOST TOWN was published in the context of the Festival 48 hours Neukölln, in Berlim. It contains images of the drawings made between 2012 and 2013. Text in English. (Translation of the text provided by André Catarino to Tipo.PT)
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