In Daddy’s Hand

  • Title: In Daddy’s Hand
  • Author: Rita Barros
    Rene Ricard
  • Collaborations: Photos by Rita Barros with a poem by Rene Ricard
  • Publisher: Rita Barros
  • Dimensions: 4,5 x6,3 inches
  • Number of Pages: 22 pages, 9 images
  • Edition: 50 copies signed and numbered
  • Publishing Date: 2010
  • Place: New York, USA
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: handmade book; archival inkjet printed on Crane's 100% rag paper
  • Synopsis: In Daddy's Hand was made in collaboration with American poet Rene Ricard, with photos from early XX century from the family of the author. (Text provided by Rita Barros to Tipo.PT)
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