• Title: Metamanifestos
  • Author: Pedro Proença
  • Publisher: Documenta
    Carmona e Costa Foundation
  • Dimensions: 21x30cm
  • Number of Pages: 200 (not numbered)
  • Edition: 30 numbered and signed copies
  • Publishing Date: 2013(December)
  • Place: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: 368314/13; 978-989-8618-53-5
  • Media: printed in off-set, colour.
  • Synopsis: This book was published to accompany the exhibition PANDEMOS by Manuel João Vieira, Pedro Portugal and Pedro Proença, that took place at Carmona e Costa Foundation between the 26th October and the 28th December 2013. PANDEMOS, published for the exhibition, was accompanied by the following books, each with a unique run of 30 copies: Alguns Desenhos Ilustrados, Manuel João Vieira; Que É Arte É and O Oxímoro, Pedro Portugal; Vida Longa Arte Brava, Byars-Lapa and Metamanifestos by Pedro Proença. Metamanifestos (Metamanifests) consists of the rearrangement of the homeostétic manifests. The Homeostétics or Homeostétic Movement was an art movement emerged in Lisbon in the early 1980s following the neo-cannibalistic movement. One of its activities consisted of the issuance of manifestos on homeoestétic philosophy. Pedro Proença, Manuel Vieira and Pedro Portugal were founders of the Homeoestétic Movement, as well as Xana and Ivo.
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  • Notes and Collections: CFC collection, Lisbon
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