• Title: Onahole
  • Author: Hetamoé
    (Ana Matilde Sousa)
  • Publisher: Clube do Inferno
  • Dimensions: 21 x 14,8 cm (A5)
  • Number of Pages: 20 pages
  • Edition: 25 copies
  • Publishing Date: 2013(6 July)
  • Place: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Printed digital laser, B/W on white paper. Under the title of the 3rd page of each copy is a sticker with 9,5X9,5 cm. The sticker is printed in inkjet and it is decorated with nail labels. There are 5 different stickers.
  • Synopsis: An abstract and introspective narrative on the awakening of female sexuality. Forests, horses and flowers are used as erotic metaphors. The drawings are conceptually related with the cuteness of male Japanese sex toys. (Translation of the text provided by Clube do Inferno to Tipo.PT)
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