P-Town (Brooklyn). Fanzine #1.

  • Title: P-Town (Brooklyn). Fanzine #1.
  • Author: João Pedro Vale
    Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
  • Collaborations: Collaborations by Sérgio Rebelo, Sylvia Gruber e Cristina Hora. Text by Miguel Amado. Curateurs Miguel Amado and Marco Antonini
  • Publisher: João Pedro Vale
    Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
  • Dimensions: 21,4 x 28,1 cm
  • Number of Pages: 92 pages
  • Edition: 20 copies ; open edition, file available at
  • Publishing Date: 2011(July)
  • Place: Brooklyn, N.Y., USA.
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Printed B/W
  • Synopsis: P-Town entitles a series of works conceived during an artist residency at N.Y.C. and Provincetown (Massachusetts, EUA) between 2010 and 2011. P-Town (Brooklyn) was produced for the exhibition “We Are”, curated by Marco Antonini at Nurture Art, Brooklyn (N.Y.) during July 2011. The pages resemble a diary or field notebook. It includes several photos (taken by the artists or appropriated by them), photo-collages and drawings. This visual notebook portraits Provincetown and documents several events experienced by the artists during their stay. This publication is a subjective portrait of all the different communities that co-exist in that town, as the Portuguese immigrant community, the artists’ community and the LGBTQ community. (Translation of the text provided by João Pedro Vale to Tipo.PT)
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