• Title: Sunbreak
  • Author: Rui Pedro Jorge
  • Collaborations: (Português) Com a colaboração de Diana Carvalho no TOMO III – De alto a baixo.
  • Publisher: Rui Pedro Jorge
  • Dimensions: 20,5x 29,5x 2cm
  • Number of Pages: Tomo I – Sunbreaker; 16 pagesTomo II – Contra; 34 pagesTomo III – De alto a baixo; 30 pages
  • Edition: Edition of 6, each numbered and with certificate
  • Publishing Date: 2015(September)
  • Place: Lisboa
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: ----------------
  • Media: Cardboard engraved by laser, polyester canvas, graphite and gouache on Saunders Waterford 300gm paper, laser print in white paper with 220gm, 160gm, 80gm and tracing paper with 90gm.
  • Synopsis: Sunbreak happen after a proposal made by José de la Fuente and Alejandro Alonso Díaz, for my project at Estampa 2015, Madrid. During the development of ideas I decided that this project would be an author and limited edition. This edition has three Tomos (books). Tomo I – Sunbraker, contains six gouaches that were repeated for each of the six editions. Tomo II- Contra, have vector drawings printed in tracing paper. Tomo III - De alto a baixo, brings together an image selection, some of those made in a Saturday morning during a walk to make pictures with the help of Diana Carvalho.
  • Author's Website:
  • Notes and Collections: Navacerrada Collection, Spain
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