There are only seven stories in the world

  • Title: There are only seven stories in the world
  • Author: AA.VV.
  • Collaborations: Work by Bárbara Fonseca, Diogo Bessa, Zé Cardoso, Sofia Palma, João Drumond, Amanda Baeza, João Sobral Editing and design by João Sobral
  • Publisher: O Panda Gordo
  • Dimensions: 19X23 cm
  • Number of Pages: 32 pages
  • Edition: 80 numbered copies
  • Publishing Date: 2013 (December)
  • Place: Porto, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Digital print, b/w; hand sewn.
  • Synopsis: “There are only seven stories in the world” is based on the Seven Basic Plots formulated by Arthur Quiller-Couch. Each artist was asked to choose one of those plots and use it as a starting point for his or her story. It is the first comics zine published by O Panda Gordo. (Text and images provided by João Sobral to
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