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Buraco #4

  • Title: Buraco #4
  • Author: AA.VV.
  • Collaborations: Buraco is a project created by Bruno Borges, Carlos Pinheiro, cumulonimbus, Marco Mendes, Miguel Carneiro, Nuno Sousa and usurpária.
  • Publisher: Buraco
  • Dimensions: 34X24 cm
  • Number of Pages: n.a.
  • Edition: n.a.
  • Publishing Date: 2012(April/May)
  • Place: Porto, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Offset, printed in black. Cover printed in black and red.
  • Synopsis: Buraco is a post-lyric satirical newspaper (lampoon) published in Porto. The first three numbers were entirely dedicated to comics. This issue contains texts and other material on the self-managed community project Es.Col.A at Alto da Fontinha, Porto. It includes copies articles published by national newspaper on this matter, letters exchanged between public institutions and the projects’ volunteers, quotes from the blog Ressabiator, etc. Textes by Daniela Assael “Torre de David en Caracas: la ocupación ilegal más alta del mundo”, Vadio “Nós não recuamos”, Pedro Lima “Comunidades em Construção”, Hakim Bey “T.A.Z.”, António Preto “Nosso projecto territorial”, Pedro Levi Bismarck “Comunidade contra o estado”, João Sousa Cardoso “A Europa vista do Alto da Fontinha” and Pedro Lima “A ocupação da escola abandonada”. Drawings by André Lemos, Bruno Borges, Carlos Pinheiro, Marco Mendes, Miguel Carneiro, Nuno Sousa among others. Not all contents are clearly identified.
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