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Edições da SALA 5, volume II

  • Title: Edições da SALA 5, volume II
  • Author: AA.VV.
  • Collaborations: Verónica Baptista, Telma Salema, Sofia Passadouro, Sérgio Azevedo, Soraya Cabello, Rosa Baptista, Ricarda Wolf , Raquel Mouro , Rafael Faria, Paula Brezo Allende, Patrícia Almeida , Nadine Silva, Marta Almeida , Mariana Domingues, Mafalda Jacinto, Margarida Sousa, Leandro Valente, Laura Figueiras, Jonas Monteiro, João Margarido , João Pereira , Joana Bernardo , Guilherme Rodrigues, Estefânia Marques, Eider Baile, Daniel Fernandes , Claúdia Furtado, Claúdia Peralta, Catarina Vicente, Catarina Santos, Catarina Nunes, Andreia Monteiro , Ana Rita Aguiar, Adriana Gonçalves. Project coordinator: Ana João Romana. Design: Vânia Jorge. Typeface: Ricardo Santos.
  • Publisher: Edições da Sala 5
  • Dimensions: 21x15cm 8,27X5,91 in
  • Number of Pages: 36 pages
  • Edition: 50 copies
  • Publishing Date: 2012 (December)
  • Place: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Laser Print B/W, over several qualities of paper. Some of the pages are hand painted with pastel, acrylic, sewed with black tread, among other interventions. Japanese binding, sewed with black treat.
  • Synopsis: This is a project of pedagogical nature. Room 5 is the engraving workshop at ESAD.CR – the School of Fine Arts and Design at Caldas da Rainha. In 2012, Ana João Romana was the teacher of the class on Artist’s Books. Sala 5 is a collective book; each student printed an A4 page folded in half. The diversity of approaches reveals the diversity of projects developed autonomously by the students.
  • Publisher's Website:
  • Notes and Collections: Sala 5, Volume II is available at: - the the Library of the School of Fine Arts and Design at Caldas da Rainha; at Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon and at Serralves Foundation in Porto, Portugal. - CLA - Cabinet du Livre d'Artiste, Rennes, France.
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