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JAB #35 – The Stew Pot

  • Title: JAB #35 – The Stew Pot
  • Author: AA.VV.
  • Collaborations: Texts by Brad Freeman, Philip Cabau, Mário Moura, Samuel Teixeira and Thomas Hvid Kromann. Books received, notes by Heather Buechler, Levi Sherman, Shelly Carter. Artists Books by Isabel Baraona, Heather Buechler, Jennifer Kornder, Elham Shafei, Levi Sherman and a collaborative edition by Marlene MacCallum, Lisa Moore, Jessica Grant and David Morrish.
  • Publisher: Brad Freeman
    Columbia College Chicago
  • Dimensions: Envelope 28X22,5 cm
  • Number of Pages: Envelope containing 5 booklets, 2 accordion fold and 2 flyers.
  • Edition: n.a.
  • Publishing Date: 2014 (Spring)
  • Place: Chicago, USA.
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a. ; ISSN : 1085-1461
  • Media: Books and accordion fold printed offset on different kinds of paper ; 2 flyers printed laser. All the booklets are stapled.
  • Synopsis: The envelope includes the table of contents: Pag. 2, Brad Freeman “From the Editor” Pag. 3, Philip Cabau “Wire Dancers” Pag. 10, Mário Moura “An Artwork Shaped Like a Book | A Book Shaped Like a Work of Art” Pag. 12, Samuel Teixeira “Cover to Cover: a Report on the Biennial Conference of the College Book Art Association” Pag. 15, Thomas Hvid Kromann “Booktrekking Through the Golden Age of Artists’ Books - and beyond. Pages 18-23 Books received by Heather Buechler, Levi Sherman, Shelly Carter. Artists Books: Untitled (JAB #35) booklet by Isabel Baraona (27,8X21,6cm) Accordion fold by Heather Buechler “The Land, The Man, The Machine” (4,8X38cm) Booklet by Jennifer Kornder “Celebrity Facial” (14X21cm) Booklet by Elham Shafei entitled “Elham” (9,5X14,5cm) Accordion fold by Levi Sherman “Various effects of coffee on the body” (5X40,5cm) “Switching Places”, book coordinated by Marlene MacCallum with images by the author and by David Morrish, texts by Lisa Moore and Jessica Grant, (27,8X21,6cm)
  • Publisher's Website:
  • Notes and Collections: JAB #35 is available at: - Serralves Foundation Library, Porto; Gulbenkian Foundation Library, Lisbon; the library of the School of Fine Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. - Kandinsky Library, Paris; CLA - Cabinet du Livre d’Artiste na Universidade Rennes 2, Rennes, France. - London South Bank University, London College of Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, Tate Britain, National Art Library, U.K. - Harvard University, Cambridge; Art Institute of Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York; Pratt Library, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn; San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA (among other Libraries)
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