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KWY #8, nº Vostok

  • Title: KWY #8, nº Vostok
  • Author: KWY
  • Collaborations: The editors’ note mentions that KWY includes: René Bèrtholo, Lurdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss, Gonçalo Duarte, Costa Pinheiro, João Vieira and José Escada.
  • Publisher: KWY
  • Dimensions: 30X20,8cm 11,81X8,19 in.
  • Number of Pages: 46 pages + cover
  • Edition: 300 copies
  • Publishing Date: 1961 (Fall)
  • Place: Paris, France
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: 4ème. Trimestre 1961 ; n.a.
  • Media: Cover in silver paper with patters in relief, the title is printed in silkscreen, in varnish. Texts typewritten. The core of the magazine is a mix of several different qualities of paper and includes collages. A yellow strap with the name of the authors printed in black encloses the magazine.
  • Synopsis: The editors’ note explains that all the published content is original and was made for this magazine issue. KWY #8 was done with a great number of collaborations as, for example: Cover and design by Lurdes Castro. João Vidal publishes “Cosmorama”, a collage of newspaper texts; Santiago Areal, publishes “Topique d’Actualisation”; Bazon Brock a cacophonic poem; José Augusto França entitles his text “Vive (donc) la Peinture!”; C.P. Jllinger shares an excerpt of “ Le chemin vers le rivage d’eau salée” ; Pieyre de Mandiargues publishes the poem “Astragale”. Aubertin manually intervenes on a B/W offset print. Benrath, José Escada, Klasen, Millares, Vieira da Silva, Szenes, Gonçalo Duarte made a silkscreen printed in black over a white paper. Bertini, Bèrtholo, Christo, Pfahler, Gerresheim, João Vieira, Jan Voss made a silkscreen printed in black over a pink paper. Gail Singer’s page is a silkscreen printed in black over brown paper. J.J. Lévêque makes a collage with a magnetic tape with the inscription “fabriqué en France”. Some of the works are not identified, however we find the following names in the magazines’ index: G. Biasi, Burkhard, M. de Castro, Sabine Kuhr, C. Laszlo, J. Martins, C. Pinheiro, Spacagna, João Vidal, Guy Weelen. Texts in French.
  • Notes and Collections: KWY #8 is available at Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal. Kandinsky Library; French National Library, Paris, France.
  • Bibliography and Links:

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