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Paperwork 12/24

  • Title: Paperwork 12/24
  • Author: Rita Castro Neves
  • Collaborations: Project curated by Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro. Paperwork was developed within (OFF)cycle: New Languages and Public Space.
  • Publisher: CEC 2012
    Fundação Cidade de Guimarães
  • Dimensions: 40,5X27,8 cm 17,91X10,94 in
  • Number of Pages: 12 pages
  • Edition: 5.000 copies. Special collection of Paperwork, 150 copies in a box, numbered and signed by the artist
  • Publishing Date: 2012
  • Place: Guimarães, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Offset two colours (black/violet), folded pages.
  • Synopsis: This is the twelve issue of a collection of 24 numbers. The cover shows a door covered with newspaper pages and a ceramic swallow, typical element from Caldas da Rainha. The pages contain collages made from newspaper pages as well as a women’s face wearing sunglasses, on the lenses two words: “see through”. Translation of constructed window text in page 10: Rage at the election polls in the Premiere. Debt Calvary refuses to do overtime and runs faster than politicians and patrons. Savings policy dances and tries to convince troika of specialists to run away with her. Cryptographic problem: the country is mine. Decolonization searches for friends on Facebook and promises "to do anything" for 25 million dollars. The image of the country didn't get a moment of privacy. Management with easier work is a winner. Tarot is a heavy burden.
  • Author's Website:
  • Notes and Collections: Quote from a document divulged by CEC – European Capital of Culture 2012: "Its dissemination in the period prior to the Capital of Culture has the purpose of fulfilling one of the functions implied in one of the programme's key concepts "New Languages", enabling a process of familiarization with the work of art's printed image (…) . Paperworks is a multiple handed to artists to intervene artistically. Artists are invited to use the newspaper format as an artistic surface, proposing the publication of existing work or of work produced specifically for this project, forming a collection unique to the Capital of Culture 2012". Paperworks was folded and sent by post, as a regular newspaper, it was also freely distributed at art schools, Museums and Art Centers. Paperwork 12/24 can be found at - Gulbenkian Foundation Library, Lisbon, Portugal. - MACBA, Barcelona, Spain. - Proyecto' ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.[:from]Voici un extrait du document divulguée par CEC - Capital Européenne de la Culture 2012 : « Sa dissémination avant l’ouverture de CEC a eu comme objectif accomplir une des fonctions associés au concept-clé du programme « nouvelles Langages », celle de contribuer a une familiarisation de l’image de l’œuvre d’art imprimée (…).Obra de Papel / Paperwork est un multiple, un support du type journal, offert aux artistes pour y intervenir. Les artistes ont été invités à revisiter ou reformuler un travail déjà existent ou à faire un travaille spécifique pour cette occasion, dont l’ensemble constitue une collection exclusive d’exemplaires pour CEC 2012 ». La collection de journaux fut envoyée gratuitement par courrier postal à un grand nombre de personnes, raison pour laquelle les exemplaires se trouvent souvent pliés. Cette collection fut aussi distribuée dans des galeries, Musées et Centres d’art ainsi qu’au pré des écoles artistiques. Cette édition peut être consultée: - la Bibliothèque de la Fondation Gulbenkian, Lisbonne; Bibliothèque de la Fondation Serralves, Porto, Portugal. - CLA - Cabinet du Livre d'Artiste, Université Rennes 2, France. - MACBA, Barcelone, Espagne. - Proyecto’ ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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