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Portuguese Small Press Yearbook 2013

  • Title: Portuguese Small Press Yearbook 2013
  • Author: AA.VV.
    (Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso)
  • Collaborations: Editor: Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso. Design: Luís Henriques. Images by Daniel Blaufuks, Carla Cruz, André Lemos, Sílvia Prudêncio and Pauliana Valente Pimentel. Texts by Manuel Portela, Marie Boivent and Samuel Teixeira.
  • Publisher: Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso
    Isabel Baraona
  • Dimensions: A4 [:from]A4
  • Number of Pages: 94 pages
  • Edition: 200 copies
  • Publishing Date: 2013 (November)
  • Place: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: 365676/13; 978-989-691-192-8
  • Media: Digital B/W. Cover printed in letterpress, several colors.
  • Synopsis: The Portuguese Small Press Yearbook is part of TIPO.PT, a research project on artist’s books by Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso and Isabel Baraona. The Portuguese Small Press Yearbook aims to map the Portuguese scene on artists’ books and alternative press, as well as critical and academic research on the theme. Contents: - Note from the Editor: First Words by Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso. Daniel Blaufuks, D. - Materialities of Literature and Artist’s Books by Manuel Portela. - On some questions about artists’ magazines by Marie Boivent. - Artist’s books as virtual machines: a speculative approach by Samuel Teixeira. - Note of intent on Tipo.PT by Isabel Baraona. Carla Cruz, untitled. - Releases in 2012-2013 /Other releases in 2012-2013 / Magazines/ Reference publications (including digital periodicals) André Lemos, untitled. - Artists’ Books Dealers Sílvia Prudêncio, untitled. - Collections, Libraries and Archives / Fairs, conferences and other events for divulgation Hors-Texte: Pauliana Valente Pimentel, “Youth of Athens”. Edition in Portuguese, English and French.
  • Publisher's Website:
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