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Querela n°1

  • Title: Querela n°1
  • Author: AA.VV.
  • Collaborations: Ricardo Castro, Rui Silva, Rui Bourbon, Carlos Lopes, António Rodrigues, Mariana Costa, Hakim Bey, Louis Behrer, Fernanda Oliveira, Christina Casnellie, Miguel Mateus. Design by Rui Silva.
  • Publisher: Querela
  • Dimensions: 24X16cm
  • Number of Pages: 36 pages
  • Edition: n.a.
  • Publishing Date: 2006(September)
  • Place: Porto, Portugal
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: 248375/06 ; ISSN 1646-5717
  • Media: Offset, color. Stapled.
  • Synopsis: “Querela. Novos artistas? Ou nova arte?” The magazine had only one number. It was created by a group of students from the Faculty of Fine Art at Porto. The covers’ photo is related with an image from the 1974 revolution. Back cover by Rui Silva and Christina Casnellie. In page 5, a text with 4 items is a note of intentions: - Querela does not want to please any specific kind of group and aims only to reach others’ conscience. It aims to reach those considered dangerous by society, the individuals able of freethinking. It is not a regular periodical since it does not have an editorial board and it does not spread any kind of ideology. In page 32, there is a set of four logos of renowned bank followed by the affirmation that the magazine was published without the support of these banks. Texts in Portuguese, English and French.
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