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Stereo Headphones #7 – an occasional magazine of the new poetries

  • Title: Stereo Headphones #7 – an occasional magazine of the new poetries
  • Author: AA.VV.
  • Collaborations: Printed by F. Crowe & Sons Ltd.
  • Publisher: Nicholas Zurbrugg
  • Dimensions: 18,3X24,2cm
  • Number of Pages: 54 pages
  • Edition: 500 copies; 15 deluxe copies numbered from 1 to 15 are printed on hand-made paper and in addition contain a signed colour photo-poem by Kitasono Katué, a signed hand-written poem by Robert Lax and a signed silk-screen print by John Furnival. 485 ordinary copies are numbered from 16 to 500.
  • Publishing Date: 1976 (April 15th)
  • Place: Kersey (Suffolk, England)
  • Dep. Legal / ISBN: n.a.
  • Media: Texts and images printed black. cover in black and red.
  • Synopsis: Stereo HEadphones nº 7 front cover is a photo-poem by Kitasono Katué. The back-cover is by John Christie “Molloy’s Solution to the rotation of sixteen sucking stones through his four pockets “turn and turn about” an includes a tribute text to Samuel Beckett by Nicholas Zurbrugg. The magazine contains: - Samuel Beckett, “Sketch for Radio Play”. - Drawings by Avigdor Arikha, “Samuel Beckett seated: 1972” (dry point engraving). - Les Ombres, texts and images by Lourdes Castro; with photos by Monika Hasse (Berlin). - Poem-Drawings by Brion Gysin. Texts and drawings by Raoul Hausmann. - Bernard Heidsieck, “La Poinçonneuse”, passé-partout Nº2. (Length 13’) The pages seem to be a sheet of music; transcription of an LP record Trois Biopsies + un Passe-Partout (1971); recording Christine Tsingos voice and produced by Bernard Heidsieck. - Drawing by Kitasono Katué “Strollers” (1969). - Text by Robert Lax “TRACTATUS I-IV”, originally published in 1972at Dryad 9/10, Washington. - Images by Emil Antonucci. - Text “Chaos” and image by Hans Richter. - Text by Stefan Themerson “Chapter 8 of Wooff Wooff or Who Killed Richard Wagner”, illustrated by Franciszka Themerson. - Text by Franz Mon “Concrete Poetry”. - Text by Bengt-Emil Johnson “Fylkingen’s Group for Linguistic Artsand Text-Sound Compositions”. - Afterword by Nicholas Zurbrugg after Raoul Hausmanns’ text “Que l’homme nouveau ait le courage d’être nouveau!!!” All texts are printed in English.
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